Preparing of applications under the projects for EU funds:
  • Evaluating of the Customer and project conformity with financing requests from the EU funds;
  • Consideration of the structure and content of the project, working out of the method;
  • Collaboration with corresponding institutions and banks;
  • Business-plan design;
  • Preparing of the tender documents and other documents, as well as the reports;
  • Execution of the project and its submission according to the requirements.

Business plans and capital investment projects design:
  • Business-plan Summary;
  • Information about the enterprise;
  • Objectives of the enterprise (long-term and short-term);
  • Market research and analysis of the business rivals;
  • Brunch’s analysis;
  • Description of the industrial and technological processes;
  • Products and services;
  • Possible problems, risks and weak points;
  • Necessary investments;
  • Financial information. (Cash flow statement, profit losses statement, balance sheet).

Market investigation and marketing strategy generation.
  • Summary (scope of investigation, brunch overview, market overview, future development);
  • Methodology (methods and models, used in the investigation);
  • Market survey (volume and dynamics of the market, market definition, production, previous tendencies, consumer, springs, market segmentation);
  • Business rivals survey (main competitors, marketing tendencies, marketing and promotion on the market, channels of distribution);
  • Tendencies of the development in future (factors, determining the development, marketing forecast, assumptions).

Financial and economical consulting of Company’s managerial personnel.


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